Available projects for BSc and MSc theses

Below you find a list of possible topics for BSc and MSc theses in the area of pattern recognition and related fields. Many more projects in the research domain of pattern recognition and machine learning are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an interesting idea or want to work something out together. We would love to hear about it – please contact a team member to discuss your idea.

In addition, we also offer topics for BSc theses in the area of human-computer interaction. If you are interested in this particular field, please contact us as well.

The detailed scope of the projects can be discussed and thoroughly defined with the supervisor. That is, the offered projects can be carried out as MSc or BSc thesis.  

For BSc theses a sample template is available. For MSc theses, a sample template is available on the JMCS website.

The document How-To write a Bachelor or Master Thesis in the Pattern Recognition Group describes in detail the formal requirements, the recommended tools, the expected content, some guidelines on scientific writing and assistance for structuring your thesis as well as the submission process.

(not available) Segment Based Water Temperature Prediction
(not available) Improve Data Quality of the Swiss River Network  (by a lot)
Analyzing the Impact of Context Length for Large Language
Improving Data Set Quality for Robust Language
Learning Graph Edit Distance via Reinforcement
Analysis of Electronic Health Records using Graph Theory and
Robustness for the Analysis of Electronic Health
Sparsity-aware Clustering based on Graph
Benchmarking and Analyzing Graph Machine
Deep Metric Learning on
Pattern-based Characterization of Evolving Variable
Supervised Learning of Configurations of an N-way Model Matching
Solving Real World Problems with Pattern

Completed Thesis Projects

AS 2020Analysis of Matching-GraphsBSc thesisVeronika Wu
AS 2022Matching Graphs with Enriched Node Labels using Weisfeiler-Lehmann HashesBSc thesisRaphael De Gottardi
SS 2023Leveraging Graph Structure for Graph Classification: An Examination of Graph Neural NetworksBSc thesisJohanna Studer
SS 2023Uncovering Gulf of Execution and Gulf of Evaluation in User-Computer InteractionsBSc thesisTunahan Özsoy
SS 2023Evaluating Human-Computer Interaction Theories through Practical ExperimentsBSc thesisJulien Gaumez
SS 2023Visualization of Matching-Graphs – An Approach with Multidimensional ScalingBSc thesisKristjan Bardheci
SS 2023Interactive Graph Drawing – A Drawing SoftwareBSc thesisDominik Fischli
SS 2023Graph Representation Through Topological DescriptorsBSc thesisRobin Gibson
SS 2023Binary Classification of Blood ValuesBSc thesisFabian Gribi
SS 2023Clustering of Hydrological StationsBSc thesisJan Andrin Zurbrügg
AS 2023Creation of a novel usability test and conducting it on music streaming applicationsBSc thesisKorab Bejta


Programmieren für NaturwissenschaftenSS 23
Graph Based Pattern RecognitionSS 23
Seminar Pattern RecognitionSS 23
Mensch-Maschine SchnittstelleAS 22
Programmieren für NaturwissenschaftenAS 22
Programmierung 1AS 22