Pattern Recognition Group

Institute of Computer Science – University of Bern

About us

The pattern recognition group (PRG) has been established in 2020 by Kaspar Riesen at the University of Bern. We broadly investigate algorithms and complex data structures in the field of pattern recognition and data science. In particular, the group has a strong expertise in graph based representation in intelligent information processing.

Due to fast developments in both storage media and data acquisition, we observe rapidly increasing amounts of data available in diverse areas in both science and industry. Simultaneously, we observe that in many applications the underlying data is inherently complex, making graphs the most useful and adequate data structure available to date. These two developments evoke the need for ongoing research of robust and efficient methods that assist humans in understanding and handling their pools of big sets of complex data.

The group’s research is devoted to the development of novel graph based algorithms for pattern recognition and data science that actually provide feasible and robust solutions for this need.