Kaspar Riesen

I am a docent at the University of Bern, Switzerland and a professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. I have a strong expertise in graph based representation in pattern recognition and related fields. I co-authored more than 65 conference papers and book chapters, 26 journal articles, and five monographs. To date, I have published with about 50 researchers from all over the world. One of my monographs has become a standard textbook on graph edit distance, that is regularly used in lectures.

My research projects comprise, for instance, novel interaction models with large information bases, pioneering ways of document analysis (e.g., keyword spotting), and novel algorithms for intelligent data analysis using graphs. For instance, I presented various efficient graph matching procedures, one of which has become one of the most widely used algorithms in the field of graph-based data analysis.
Moreover, I co-introduced a generalized form of graph isomorphism that is particularly well suited for information retrieval from graphs (some of the proposed concepts have been implemented in commercial software products). I am also one of the co-responsible researchers behind histograph.ch and the IAM Graph Database (graph benchmark data sets for various applications).

Email: kaspar.riesen@inf.unibe.ch