Solving Real World Problems with Pattern Classification

In the world there exist classes of patterns we distinguish according to certain knowledge that we have learned before (letters in a book, the face of a friend in a crowd, a spoken word embedded in noise, the chart of a presentation, the proper key to the locked door, the smell of coffee in the cafeteria, the importance of a certain message in the mail folder, and various others). Most pattern recognition tasks encountered by humans can be solved intuitively without explicitly defining a certain method or specifying an exact algorithm. Yet, formulating a pattern recognition problem in an algorithmic way provides us with the possibility to delegate the task to a machine. This can be particularly interesting for very complex as well as cumbersome tasks in both science and industry.

In this generic project, our group offers to work on its own exciting topics in the field of pattern recognition. So if you have an exciting application (e.g., image, speech, or video recognition), we would be happy to work with you on a bachelor’s or master’s project.

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